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Matrics Importing: U.S. importer for Vana Tallinn Estonian Liqueur

Vana Tallinn is the beloved Liqueur from Estonia, dark, sweet and exotic; hinting of orange, vanilla, caramel, anise and spices. 

Vana Tallinn has a long history in the Baltic region but only recently has it become available in the U.S.  We currently have distribution in Illinois, New York, Colorado and Massachusetts. It is also available for special order through State liquor stores in North Carolina and Washington State. 

We are currently looking for distributors in other U.S. markets.

This hidden gem has been a favorite in Europe for decades because of its unique taste and versatility. When consumed neat the flavors are bold, bright and come through in layers.  Consumers are likely to taste several flavors but not necessarily all, with some flavors detected immediately while others cascade through the long finish.  The overall impression of Vana Tallinn is determined by an individual's palate and the overall impression of flavors detected can vary greatly from consumer to consumer.  In addition to being a wonderful spirit served neat; Vana Tallinn proves to be the ultimate mixer because it is a complimentary spirit that enhances subtly and softens sharp ingredients without dominating or over powering.

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